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Building Spoke Wheels - The 'Old School Way'

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Very few shops offer lacing and truing of spoke wheels.  Trying to find someone that knows what they are doing and is willing to work on your wheels is quite a challenge.  Whether you are restoring an old bike or having some damaged rims repaired, you have an alternative to just replacing that quality wheel with one out of a catalog that doesn't come close in quality.

Rebuilding spoke wheels takes years of experience, lots of patience, the right tools, and the space to do the work without clutter.  If you think about it, the hub is held suspended in a three-dimensional puzzle of spokes and it MUST be perfect.   Any errors can cause the wheel to fail very quickly when you are on the road (and nobody wants that).

Michael Proulx, an employee at Aero Cycle in Medford, MA since 1985 has been handling all wheelwork, tire mounting and balancing for 20 years at the shop. He is extremely meticulous and can usually return a job to better than original shape. The shop can have the customerís tired rims chrome plated as well as powder coated to give the bike a new look. Aero can supply a variety of spokes in stainless or chrome. Michael can handle all aspects of motorcycle wheel and tire maintenance to insure the riderís safety.

Determining the correct spoke lacing pattern, inserting the spokes to follow that patter, and achieving the correct three-dimensional alignment are  only some parts of the truing process.  I think back to my own days of trying to 'adjust' a couple of loose spokes on my bicycle as a youngster.  I tightened them up (and then 'snugged' up all the others), spun the wheel, everything looked good so I jumped on the bike all excited with my accomplishment.   I didn't get far.   I hit a small bump and the front wheel quickly twisted into a pretzel shape.  Bruised and scraped, I found out at an early age that 'wheels and spokes' are better left to professionals.

While some people might want to lead you to believe that rebuilding a wheel is easy and anyone can do it.  This is when people start getting hurt.   The true craftsmen such as Michael at Aero, who has the decades of experience will deliver you a wheel that is safe to ride AND is awesome to look at.  If there were such a title of "Wheel Builder Master Craftsman" then Michael would be right there in the records as one of the few in the country.

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