Iron Horse Transport

Boston's Premier Motorcycle Towing Service

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Have you ever seen a bike swinging on the back of a hook? 
Flat beds are not much better and neither offer any protection from the elements!

Iron Horse Transport is a fully insured Boston based motorcycle transport business that caters to the needs of motorcyclists in the area. 

Iron Horse Transport has done away with all the problems and worries associated with having your motorcycle towed! Our custom built, fully enclosed trailer is equipped with all the necessary fixtures and straps to guarantee a damage free transport to your mechanic. 
We use an extremely strong soft tie system that will securely tie your bike down at 4 points (no hooks ever touch it!).  Our years of experience handling motorcycles (which really is our greatest tool!), guarantee your bike to get to its destination in the same condition we got it! 

From an emergency roadside situation to transporting your bike for service (or any other reason you need your bike transported) we at Iron Horse treat every motorcycle like it was ours and every rider picked up like an old friend!

Iron Horse Transport specializes in short haul motorcycle transport to and from

•  Emergency Roadside Situations
•  Service Centers and Bike Shops
•  Dealers
•  Storage Facilities
•  Bike Shows
•  Vacation Home, Place of Business etc.
•  Any where you need your bike transported

Iron Horse Transport can be requested for transport if you are a member of the following roadside service organizations!

Motor Clubs
•  Road America: Harley Davidson Roadside Service, HOG ;
   Victory Motorcycles; Bros Club
•  Cross Country Motor Club: Honda Riders Club;
   BMW roadside assist; Yamaha Royal Star
•  MTS (Motorcycle Towing Services):
   Ducati North America; Kawasaki (Goodtime Owners Club);
   Vespa Scooters

•  Harley-Davidson / Buell of Boston
•  Kelly’s House of Harley-Davidson / Buell
•  North Shore Motor Group: Parkway Cycle, Cycles 128
   Plaistow Motorsports and BMW of Cambridge-Greater Boston Motorsports
•  Mirak Polaris Motorsports
•  American Road Collection motorcycle rentals


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There may come a day when you need to have a bike towed.  
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