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Laconia 2017!!
Best Weather In A LONG Time!!


The weather for the 94th Annual Motorcycle Week in Laconia can be summed up in one word....  Amazing!!

"We haven't had weather this good in a very long time!" said  Boston Biker's Publisher, Larry Cahill.  We all remember rainy weeks, cold and damp mornings, and just plain nasty weather.   Well....  Not THIS year!!  The weather has been absolutely perfect so far. Perfect weather for a ride up the Kancamagus Highway or a trip to the top of Mount Washington!  There is so much to see in the area.  You could spend an entire week in the saddle and still not see everything.   So what are you waiting for?

Of course there is the Rally itself.  Miles and miles of vendors, bands, food, bikes, and people watching!   Once again, you could spend an entire week just hanging out at the various Rally spots. There are custom bike shows and wet t-shirt competitons.  Whatever floats your boat.  Personally, we like to just walk around and check out all the bikes parked on the side of the road as well as those crusing around.  There is so much to see!

Get off your butt and get to Laconia!   You won't regrret it.

A final reminder...  Ride sober, ride smart, and watch out for the other guy!

Spring is Finally Here!

The weather is starting to get warmer, the snow is melting, and everyone is itching to get their knees in the breeze!

Now is the perfect time to go through your bike to get it ready for a safe and reliable riding season.  We'd suggest that you bring your bike to one of the independent bike shops or your favorite dealership for a Spring checkup.  They know what to do and can advise you if anything needs attention.

Off the top of our head, here are the obvious things to look at.  

  • Tires - Check for adequate tread, check the air pressure, carefully look for any indications of dry rot.  If your tires are more than 3 years old then you SHOULD consider replacing them.

  • Brakes - look at your rotors for any signs of excessive wear.   A little surface rust is ok, it will come off as soon as you start riding.  Look for any gouges in the rotors.  Check your brake pads for adequate thickness.  

  • Hydraulic and fuel lines - look for ANY signs of leaks or cracks.  Make sure that all lines are secure and don't have any freeplay.  

  • Lights - check that all lights work properly and are the right brighness.   Headlights, running lights, brake light, directionals, dash lights, and indicators.   

  • Battery - put your battery on a trickle charger.  Use a smart charger so that you don't over charge the battery.  If the battery is more than a few years old you might want to consider replacing it.

  • General - starting at the front of the bike, go down one side of the bike and back up the other side.  Look for anything that is out of place.  Take a few seconds and confirm that every piece/part is secure.  All bikes vibrate, things get loose.  Now is the time to snug things up rather than on the side of the road.   Use the correct thread locker to keep things secure.

  • Change the oil

  • Start it up and make sure it runs as you'd expect it.

  • Finally, give it a good cleaning.  

In The News!

We've pulled some news clips from all over the globe.  We do the work, you get to read...  It doesn't get much better than that.   Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Ducati Multistrada 950 now at US Dealerships! 

American Iron Magazine's 2017 Buyer's Guide for Performance Cruisers

Lane Splitting becomes LEGAL in California!

Federal Tax Credits for Electric Motorcycles Set to Expire


(more to come... we've just started digging around for you!)


Ten Buck Bike Show - Wilmington!!

Thousands of folks put Winter on hold when they stopped into the Ten Buck Bike Show at the Shriner's Auditorim on Saturday, February 11th.  It was a perfect day to escape from reality, see some bikes, smell the leather, meet up with old friends, have a beverage and just hang out!

The Boston Biker / Larry Cahill Photography booth was hopping the whole day.  I got to chat with tons of old friends and meet a few new ones.   Unfortunately, the show had to be cancelled on Sunday because of the weather.  Click on the link below to see a few of the photos from Saturday.

Ten Buck Bike Show - Wilmington Photos

Check Twice at Fenway In Spring!
What Could Be Better?

Fenway-Check Twice.jpg (164622 bytes)

While its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, . . . keep your Sox on and THINK SPRING !

“Check Twice” motorcycle awareness night, Wednesday, May 3rd, at Fenway Park, Sox vs. Orioles, with on-field pre-game honors to Bob Doiron (RIP since this past July), creator of the “Check Twice” message . . . 

LIMITED tickets available, left-field grandstand – order now at $30 a seat, OR, reserve your seat(s) with now with only $11 down and two (2) more $11 payments next two months, ($33/seat) through our Paypal site (add a sweat, tank or t-shirt too !) 

Confirmations will be sent and tickets 'held' or mailed in early April.

On-line orders via  and  – or e-mail Paul W. Cote at  if you prefer to payreserve tickets by check or cash . . . 

Clubs/Groups, riders ordering more than 2 tickets who want to sit next/near your buddies, include a short message/note in your order 'ID-ing' your Club/Group or buddies and we will match up your tickets. 

Clubs/Groups can also designate a coordinator we will work with – e-mail Paul W. Cote at and we'll 'git er' dun' so it'll all be fun honoring Bob and sharing the

“CHECK TWICE” motorcycle awareness message Wednesday night, May 3rd at Fenway Park with the Sox !

Ten Buck Bike Show – Kick off season

KevMarv Productions proudly announces the kick off of our new rebranded motorcycle shows “The Ten Buck Bike Show.” Ten-dollar admission; "A simple SAWBUCK” with free parking (no gimmicks, no drama, no discount coupons). Our goal is simple: To offer to the biking community a new concept in Bike Shows for the future. Low ticket prices, free parking and a building full of great motorcycles, vendors and fellow bike enthusiasts.

There are two, two-day events coming up where you can browse the collection of classic antique bikes, chat with vendors and custom bike builders, see the collection of new and used motorcycles, enjoy the motorcycle retailers and others, or just plain enjoy the camaraderie of the motorcyclist. 
Live music, motorcycle paraphernalia on display from dozens of vendors from around the area, pick your favorite custom bike in the custom bike show, or simply have a drink and enjoy motorcycles. 

Tell your friends - Pass the word! Don’t miss the first “TEN BUCK BIKE SHOW” 

Get more information at or by calling 978-688-8888.

The First Two-Day Show will be at Shriners Auditorium off 93 in Wilmington MA, (only 15 minutes from downtown Boston). The show is scheduled for February 11 and 12, 2017, show hours are Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 5 PM. Come be a part of the curiosity of motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy 40,000 square feet of everything motorcycles.

The Second Two-Day Show will be at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, Route 20 off 495 in Marlborough MA, (only 35 minutes from downtown Boston). The show is scheduled for February 25 and 26, 2017, show hours are Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 5 PM. Come be a part of the curiosity of motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy 40,000 square feet of everything motorcycles.

Mass RMV Encourages Customers Who Own Motorcycles to Avoid the Rush by Renewing
Year-End Vehicle Registrations Online

“Skip the Line, Go Online” Campaign advises customers to take advantage of many new features at
BOSTON – Monday, November 14, 2016 – The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is reminding customers who own motorcycles their registrations expire in December and to renew online at . Customers will find new website improvements that offer a simple, efficient online renewal transaction. In addition to motorcycles, the 450,000 expiring registrations include: antique, camper, trailer, vanity, and commercial plates.

Registrations can be renewed up to six months in advance, and customers do not need to wait for a renewal application to renew online. In addition, customers that skip the line and go online may use the “myRMV” feature to access their RMV record and renew their vehicle registration. Using the “myRMV” feature will help customers conduct future transactions faster and easier as well.

For the latest Registry updates and information, follow the RMV on Twitter @MassRMV.

Got Snow??

It looks like Winter is finally coming our way.  Can you believe it?  We were getting plenty of riding in until Thanksgiving week!!

We just got a call from our friend at Baystate Motorcycle Service letting us know that they have a few Winter Storage spots available.  Baystate offers top of the line storage that is heated, alarmed, and insured.  You can couple that with a service package if you choose so that your bike is ready to ride (and look great) first thing in the Spring.   Do you need any repairs?  Maintenance?  Performance upgrades?  Customizations?   Baystate can take care of it all while your bike is with them.   Give them a call and make arrangements while there is still spots available.

Baystate Motorcycle Service
55 Pond Street - Waltham, MA

Bridgestone Announces New V-Twin Tire

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) today announced the launch of its new line of motorcycle tires engineered exclusively to fit many popular and iconic American V-twin motorcycles. The Battlecruise H50 tire, the first of its kind from Bridgestone, expands the company's motorcycle tire portfolio with a performance tire offering that is specially designed for large displacement, cruiser-style bikes, which account for 50 percent of motorcycles on U.S. roadways.

Bridgestone has a long history of developing high-performance motorcycle tires, and it has applied that expertise to the new Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tire, which delivers the performance and attributes that meet the needs of riders of American cruisers. Engineered using the company's proprietary optimization process and indoor testing facility, ULTIMAT EYE™, the Battlecruise H50 tire was designed to provide:

  • Superb handling with reduced steering effort: The Battlecruise H50 tire offers a large contact patch and uniform contact pressure, creating high cornering force and resulting in less steering effort and light linear handling.
  • Strong wet and dry traction: Proven best-in-class tread pattern features central grooves that run circumferentially around the tire to evacuate water and provide enhanced grip, similar to the class-leading Bridgestone EXEDRA MAX metric cruiser touring tire.
  • Long tread wear: Optimized profiles coupled with newly developed compounds and constructions provide long wear life and lower handlebar vibration to reduce rider fatigue.

"We've extended our influence into one of the most important motorcycle segments in America, and we're excited to bring our deep industry expertise and Bridgestone-brand motorcycle tires to this group," said Kevin Hunley, senior manager, motorcycle and kart products, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. "Riders of today's cruisers look for a tire that can provide exceptional grip and longer treadwear while enhancing their riding experience. We've accomplished that with the Battlecruise H50 motorcycle tire as it brings ultimate performance, ride comfort and traction in all conditions."

Additionally, the Battlecruise H50 is the only Bridgestone brand motorcycle tire that offers the peace of mind of a road hazard warranty* that covers eligible tires that may become damaged or unusable from a puncture, impact, bruise, cut or snag.

Beginning January 2017, the Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 motorcycle tire will be available in eight sizes for select American V-twin cruiser models. Riders can expect 14 additional sizes for touring-oriented models to come available in early 2018.

To learn more about Battlecruise H50 motorcycle tires and all of the other motorcycle offerings from Bridgestone, or to find a Bridgestone retailer, consumers should visit

*Limitations and restrictions apply. Ask a Bridgestone authorized retailer for details. 

Yamaha Considers Using AI on Motorcycles

Yamaha Motor Co. is working on the use of artificial intelligence to enhance motorcycle safety.

The system, developed jointly with a U.S. research body, is based on the same one revealed last year that allows humanoid robots to ride motorcycles. The objective is to reduce motorcycle spills, said company President Hiroyuki Yanagi.

“We want to facilitate driving operations of our motorcycles and reduce the burden on riders to allow them to pay more attention to safety,” Yanagi said.Yamaha hopes to reverse slumping domestic sales by adopting advanced technologies to reduce motorcycle accidents such as overturns and collisions.

“We’ll use the expertise we’ve acquired from robots for our motorcycles,” Yanagi said. “We’ll promote the development of technologies to make motorcycle driving easier.”Although Yamaha has not decided when to put the AI-based technologies into use, the company will consider adopting them in future motorcycle models.The new YZF-R1, for example, has advanced technology that regulates its engine, brakes and suspension.

World's First 3D-Printed Motorcycle!

Airbus subsidiary APWorks is using its 3D printing expertise to build what it calls "probably the world's lightest motorcycle," a lithe, bicycle-like all-electric machine weighing 77 pounds held together with an intricate web of aluminum. Actually, it's more than aluminum: it's what APWorks calls "Scalmalloy," a custom aluminum alloy powder "with almost the specific strength of titanium" that the company uses to build incredible structures by fusing thin layers of the material together.

The result, called Light Rider, looks amazing. APWorks says it'll go 50 mph and run from 0-45km/h in 3 seconds, which keeps this fully out of superbike territory — think of this as a lightweight, street-legal runabout that just happens to look unlike anything else on the road. The battery is swappable and offers 35 miles on a charge. The Light Rider isn't ready for cheap mass production, but it's not far off: the company will build just 50 of them for $56,100 each, probably more as an advertisement of APWorks' component fabrication capabilities than anything else.

If you're in the market, you may want to act fast — there are only 50 of these to go around, after all. APWorks is taking $2,200 deposits.

Here is a video showing more of the bike.... 


Most shops WON'T!
Stewy's WILL!

Most shops will not install your parts for you.  We understand their reasoning.  "It might not fit", "Who is responsible if there is a product defect?" and all sorts of reasons.  Stewy's Customs in Wakefield, MA is different.  They will allow you to bring in most parts and they will professionally install them for you.  Tires, handlebars, headlights, tail lights, and other parts & accessories.  Give them a call and let them know what you are thinking.  Of course, they have all the parts that you will want and can offer to get them for you as well.

Stewy's Customs
19 New Salem St 
Wakefield, MA 
(781) 224-5600

BMW introduces SOS call system for motorcyclists
It automatically detects crashes and calls emergency services

Emergency call systems for cars have been around for a while, with services like OnStar automatically dialing for help if they detect a crash. Now, BMW wants to offer the same security and safety to motorcyclists. The automaker announced that its Intelligent Emergency Call system, offered in Europe on its cars for more than 15 years, will now be an option for European BMW motorcycles from 2017.

"Riders can trigger the system to help out fellow road users"

The system uses GPS to locate the motorcycle and a dedicated cellular connection to contact BMW's emergency call centers and "initiate the rescue chain." A call is made automatically if sensors detect a high-speed crash, with a loudspeaker and microphone built into the motorcycle's handlebar used to establish contact with the rider. If a minor fall or collision is detected then the system will trigger after 25 seconds, with riders able to cancel the call if no assistance is needed. The system can also be manually triggered at the press of a button, with BMW suggesting that rider use this to call for help for other road users.

The company points out that a recent EU report showed that call systems like this allow emergency services to get to the scene of a crash 40 to 50 percent faster, saving lives. (The EU is making its eCall system mandatory in new cars from 2018 — although motorcycles are not covered.) It's unclear, though, if or when the system will ever be available for US customers, and it doesn't appear that any other major motorcycle manufacturers plan on offering a similar service.

Ol' School Custom Fabrications at the Show!

The first bike show of the season kicks off 2016 on January 9-10 at Boston's Seaport World Trade Center.  One of the area's top bike builders, Rob Lations, of Ol' School Custom Fabrications will be there showing some of his wicked cool customs.  Make sure that you stop by his booth, say hello, and just hang out.   You never know who will be stopping in to visit.  Rob is one of the coolest guys in motorcycling! 

Rob-1-4.jpg (371517 bytes) Rob-1-45.jpg (669226 bytes) Rob-1-77.jpg (623390 bytes)

Rob-1-29.jpg (648769 bytes) Rob-1-53.jpg (745275 bytes) Rob-1-67.jpg (691990 bytes)


Big Wheels Done Right....


Do you want a 23' 26' 30' or bigger front tire on your Road Glide ,Street Glide or Road King??  Here is the kit that will do it . It's a bolt on kit so there's no cutting of the neck. and when you want to go back to stock all you have to do is remove this kit a put it back to stock. Give Stewy's Customs a call, they have kits in natural so you can paint them or in black Ano. prices start at $1400.00

Stewy's Custom Cycles 
19 New Salem Street - Wakefield, MA  -  (781) 224-5600

We all love the "shiny stuff"

Have you ever wanted to know what is involved in getting a piece chrome plated?   Have you scratched your head wondering why it is so expensive?    We visited a chrome plating shop for a tour and show you step by step what is involved!   It is a LOT more involved that just dipping the part in chrome!

Click here to see what happens in a chrome plating shop!

What is Powder Coating?

Is powder coating better than paint?   When would you want to powder coat a part?   When would you not want to?   We visited a local powder coating shop to see what is involved in the coating process.   We learned a lot.  Take a read as we walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Click here to check out our visit to a powder coating shop!

Brooks Leather Sportswear - Made In Massachusetts!

Brooks Leather Sportswear is manufacturing the highest quality motorcycle gear right here in Massachusetts!

Brooks started in business in Detroit in 1959 as a subcontractor for the Joseph Bugleisen Company (Buco). Founded by Sandor Weiss, Brooks became an iconic family run motorcycle leather company for over 55 years! Their first release was the style 511 "Road Warrior" jacket with two outside top pockets...still manufactured by Brooks today, a venerable classic!

Brooks customers included Harley Davidson, Penton, Chrysler Corp. (Viper Jacket), The Detroit Red Wings, and The American Quarter Horse Association, to name a few. Jackets made for Harley Davidson were labeled Harley Davidson, not Brooks. Styles included the 500, a 511 without the zip out liner, the 502 pants that could be worn over a normal pair of jeans and padded MX pants for the Aermacchi-Harley Davidson dirt bike riders.

Production has moved from Michigan to Fall River, Massachusetts and the headquarters are in Plymouth, Massachusetts and proudly remains "Made in Massachusetts"!!

Check them out!!!   Brooks Leather Sportswear Inc.

Old Man Motors

DNA.jpg (82920 bytes)

Old Man Motors manufactures a full line up of motorcycle handlebars and cafe racer hoops right here in Massachusetts. They started business in 2013 and make all of their products from high quality DOM steel tubing. Check out their website to see some of their kick ass (and very affordable) handlebars and hoops.. 

Shop Visit - American Motorcycle Service 

xLGC_4412.jpg (613545 bytes)

American Motorcycle Service in Framingham has been building and servicing high performance bikes for 21 years. American powerplants (Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evo, and Twin Cam) as well as all the metric engine rebuilds and performance work. They have always been a high horsepower shop. They recently took a stock 88" engine, punched it up to106" and combined with cam and head work got a strong and reliable motor that put out 119hp and 119.9ft lbs of torque! Scott and his crew have been doing that for decades!

Are you looking for a shop that does repairs and service work? American does that as well. How about Winter storage for your bike? Yup, American is there for you also. They have heated, indoor storage space that is alarmed, security cameras, and someone that is on the property every day, all day. You can even get your bike out for a ride if there is a good day (with a little notice of course).

Do you want some custom work done on your bike (or even a ground up custom build)? American has been building award winning bikes for over 20 years including lots of performance baggers, period correct bobbers, bar hoppers, cafe racers, and mild choppers. They know what it takes to give you a high performing bike that is exactly what you want in the budget you need. They currently are building six custom bikes in the shop now. About 95% of the fabrication (exhaust systems, gas tanks, frame modifications, mounts, etc) is done in their in-house machine shop. They send out cylinder heads and cylinder bores but do all other engine work in house, including porting and polishing. They do everything except paint. They have solid business relationships with the area's top painters.

Bottom line.... if you are looking for performance and good looks then stop in to American Motorcycle Service in Framingham and have a chat with the crew. You WILL be impressed!

American Motorcycle Service
769 Waverly St,  - Framingham, MA
(508) 872-6676

Check out some of the photos of the shop!


We don't claim ANY credit for these photos but thought that you'd enjoy them.  Send along any funny (or even serious) photos and we will share them with our readers!

rideable.jpg (70809 bytes)  tree-bike.jpg (50079 bytes)  vw-sidecar.jpg (29443 bytes)  bitch.jpg (69139 bytes) sheep-bike.jpg (84473 bytes)

Every Day should be Kiss A Biker Day!!



Out And About....

The Boston Biker and New England Biker crew are constantly on the road.  Check here as we chronicle our adventures....

Is Bentley's Saloon Really #1?

Bentley's Saloon in Arundel, Maine claims to be "New England's #1 Biker Destination".  The Boston Biker / New England Biker crew has visited a few times before and thought that we'd give it another visit.   This time, instead of on a busy biker weekend, we stopped for lunch in the middle of the week in early July.

We were accompanied by a non-biker couple for their perspective.  They live about 10 minutes away and have never visited because they had heard about how crazy it was there.   They have certainly changed their mind.   They completely enjoyed the food (and beverages) served to us by "Mel".   Her service was quick, professional, and fun.  The only negative comment was that the Haddock Chowder didn't taste fresh at all..   The Caesar Salad was excellent, meatball sub was very good (a little too spicy for someone that doesn't like spice at all).  The lobster roll was very meaty and had a good balance of lobster and mayo.  The Chief Burger was awesome!  This creation of sauteed peppers and onions, pepper jack cheese, and bacon really hit the spot!

So... are they #1?     Yes, they certainly are in terms of number of bikers that stop in over the weekend and stay at their onsite campground and motel.  There has been some bitching on social media sites about Bentley's "No Colors/Support" policy.  It is the ownership's perogative, time will tell if it will hurt their business.

Are there better biker bars?  Sure.  Personally, I think a smaller venue is better.  Places to check out are Gracie's at Salisbury Beach, Iron Tails Saloon in Acton, Maine and the Hawg's Pen Cafe in Farmington, NH.

What are YOUR favorite places?   Drop us a note...

Boston Biker Visits Gracie's Bar & Grill!!

Have you been to Gracie's Bar & Grill on Salisbury Beach yet?  Well we have!!  This motorcycle and hot rod friendly place is owned by Lisa Grace (hence the name "Gracie's" who is an avid rider and hot rodder.

Check out our impressions and a few photos! 

Breaklites Motorsports!

Step behind the rope line at the bike shows and get an insider’s look at one of the builders that exhibit at our bike shows.  In this installment, we are featuring Breaklites Motorsports!Breaklites is owned and operated by the creative Mark Tempesta.  At the shows, Mark is working non-stop.  Hundreds of people want to ask questions about his creations. We spent a little time with Mark to get a perspective that you might not know.

Click here to read the whole story!

Local Favorite - Stewy's Custom Cycles...


When local riders are looking for an independently owned motorcycle repair and customization shop then increasingly the name that is being mentioned is Stewy's Custom Cycles in Wakefield.  Their steady growth from a backyard garage to their second commercial shop in a difficult motorcycle market is a testament to the hard work, high quality, and their unwavering commitment exceeding customer expectations.    Click here to learn more and see some photos we took...

We Visit Drew's Cycle

DSC_1191.jpg (424186 bytes)

Drew's Cycle on Route 110 in Salisbury is the most recent business that we've visited.  Check out the what we found out and view the photos we took.

Click here to see what we found

We Visited STS Custom Cycles!

Boston Editor Biker's Larry Cahill  visited STS Custom Cycles in Everett.  They had just finished a custom paint job as a tribute to a Marine who was injured in Afghanistan.  WOW, what an amazing job!   Click on the link below to learn more about this shop, its owners, and the work they do.

Our trip to STS Custom Cycles!


Who are the Shadley Brothers?

     DSC_5024a.jpg (462674 bytes)

We have seen the amazing Shadley Brothers bikes at the shows.  Boston Biker just HAD to meet the creative and talented men behind them. Click here to join us as we take a tour of their facility and chat with the men behind the machines!

Baystate Motorcycle Service

We know that you want to know about motorcycle shops, businesses that support motoryclists, great places to eat or drink, and all that kind of stuff...  Send us a note about a place that you'd like us to check out, we will add it to our list of places we are planning to visit.

We stopped into Baystate Motorcycle Service in Waltham, Massachusetts to check out their operation, snap a few photos, and share it with you..  Click here and follow along with us..  

Boston Biker is GROWING!

Boston Biker was started in 1996 by Larry Cahill initially out of frustration when trying to find information on LOCAL rides, bike shows, paint shops, and all sorts of stuff like that. It was very easy to find information on the internet but poker rides in California or airbrush artists in Florida were not what he was looking for.  Like many folks that have a special interest, he began collecting information (from brochures and business cards picked up at motorcycle events to scribbled notes on scraps of paper) about motorcycle activities and motorcycle related businesses.  It wasn't long before the  format of the site began to take shape.  At this point the website was still intended solely as a way to to share this information with a few friends.  You know the story, they told a few friends, and those folks told a few friends.  As the website grew in popularity the readers started sharing their knowledge and then the site really began to grow.   It wasn't long before Boston Biker grew into a full blown business.   Why?   Because nobody had done this before.  There was a huge need for this.

For the next 14 years, Larry saw other folks try to copy the concept.  They didn't have the passion.  One by one, their websites fell by the wayside and expired.   In early 2010, Larry began the task of expanding Boston Biker into a regional website that still provided the much needed local content.  In the Summer of 2010, New England Biker LLC was born and Boston Biker became a division of New England Biker, LLC.  

As New England's leading provider of motorcycle news and information,, continues to add content from all over New England.  This is a place for all of us to share information. The categories on the home page are also dynamic. If there is a category you think I should add, let me know.

See you at the shows...   we will have a booth at all of the bike shows in New England!  Stop in and say "Hi".

A Few Interesting Bike Videos...

I came across a few interesting videos the other day while poking around the internet.   As we find more videos they will get posted on our Videos page.

Send us any of your favorite videos that you'd like to share.  We'll get the link published.  Click here to send us an email with the link to your videos.

Click here to view our Videos Page